Re: Removing duplicate messages?

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On 2005.04.29 05:24, Pawel Salek wrote:
On 04/28/2005 03:10:08 PM, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
Hi, there,

after sticking to 2.0.17-2 for a long time, I thought I'd give 2.3.0-2 a chance today. However, it's apparently just another one of those versions following 2.0.17-2 that don't have an easy way to remove duplicates.

We have discussed various implementation issues and we wonder whether it is critical to move the duplicates to trash or it would be ok to just mark them as deleted (which is simpler to implement for imap)?
Well, I guess I'd be happy even if they were just marked as deleted (and then removed when balsa is closed, I suppose?).

One could flag the duplicatesfor a good measure so that they could be easily identified with help of Mailbox /Hide Messages [undeleted unflagged]
Anything that would save me from having to manually search every mailbox for duplicates is fine with me! ;-)

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