Re: cvs head: menus and tooltips messages

On 11/07/2004 12:10:22 PM, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:

When you move the mouse in the menu entries, you have a tooltip displayed in the status bar.

If we are in the "mailbox" menu, the entry "Reset filter" (msgid: "Reset _filter") doesnt have a tooltip but instead the header of the po file is displayed (multilines)

Hi Jean-Luc:

Thanks for spotting that!  Fixed in cvs.


BTW: does anyone else miss having a Reset button on the "Subject or Sender" filter? OK, I know I need only to select all the text and hit Enter, call me lazy...

and another thing: should the icon on both be GTK_STOCK_CLEAR, as it is on the Edit -> Find... dialog?

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