mail reylaying error


	I've recently installed Balsa, and am quite happy with it.
However, I do have a small problem.  I set up balsa to point to a remote
server and mailbox giving it an identity- let's call it me foo org 
I subsequently set up a second account we can call me bar org   Later I
deleted me foo org from both the preferences and the identity.

	The problem:  Now, whenever I try to send a message from
me bar org, I get the following message:

Could not send the message to me foo org:
550: relaying to <me foo org> prohibited by administrator

What is this relay that Balsa is attempting?  I thought I expunged
me foo org from all my balsa profiles?  How do I get balsa to sucessfully
send mail from me bar org?


David L. Dufeau

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