Re: [PATCH/2.1] gpgme fixes & entensions

I've actually been meaning to ask if you have any comments on the new
cipher context interfaces. My goal was to improve them as much as I
could without breaking binary/source compat.


On Wed, 2004-05-26 at 22:01 +0200, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Hi,
> below is a rather large patch against today's HEAD (last changelog is  
> "2004-05-25 18:51 PeterB") with some gmime/gpgme related improvements and  
> lots of clean-ups.
> Details:
> * make gmime >= 2.1.5 mandatory. With the new gmime release, a lot of  
> functions and data types have been marked as depracted. I fixed all  
> libbalsa/gmime* related stuff to use the new API (see below), but  
> unfortunately this breaks compilation with older versions. The rest of  
> balsa doesn't compile with GMIME_DISABLE_DEPRACTED def'd, btw. (configure. 
> in);
> * as I use the gmime* files in a different project, I prefer to compile  
> them conditionally instead of wrapping whole files in "#ifdef HAVE_GPGME".  
> This was also part of the initial patch, but (IIRC) it didn't work for  
> "make dist" and apparently has been removed. I reintroduce it here (yes, I  
> tested building *and* "make dist" both with and without gpgme  
> installed!)... if you prefer the "wrapping" method, please feel free to  
> roll it back, though (libbalsa/, libbalsa/gmime-*.c);
> * fix depracted gmime stuff. This includes inter alia the data type  
> GMimeCipherValidity (now GMimeSignatureValidity) and replacing functions  
> like g_mime_part_get_content() (libbalsa/gmime-gpgme-context.[hc],  
> libbalsa/gmime-part-rfc2440.[hc], libbalsa/rfc3156.c);
> * improve performance (hopefully ;-)) and reduce the mem footprint by  
> feeding gpgme's output directly into gmime streams instead of using an  
> intermediate buffer (libbalsa/gmime-gpgme-context.c);
> * fix treatment of messages with a revoked signature key as in balsa-2-0  
> (see 2-0 patch of May 22nd; unfortunately, the gpgme tarball is not yet  
> updated);
> * use balsa's passphrase dialog only if no gpg-agent is registered.  
> Furthermore, all the (depracted) passphrase cache stuff has been removed.  
> I *highly* recommend using gpg-agent and pinentry instead, as it is a lot  
> safer and has other advantages. I meanwhile hacked a gtk+-2.4 version of  
> pinentry, btw., see  
> (file  
> libbalsa/rfc3156.c).
> Any Comments?
> Cheers, Albrecht.
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