Re: updating window title

On 05/15/2004 02:23:49 AM, Andreas Schmidt wrote:

I just was reading some mails in that extra window you get when double clicking a message, turning to the next by pressing the "Next unread"-button.

I think it would be nice if on turning to the next message not only the the text in the window gets changed but also the window title, so it doesn't show the subject of the first message for all others.

Would there be any chance to get this implemented?

Yea, I reported this discrepancy a while back - either it's already comitted to cvs 2-0 and I've got a stale copy (cvs out of sync?) or it was only put into HEAD - in which case I get segfaults pressing 'next unread' so I can't test that functionality.

Hmm, maybe it's time to rebuild balsa?


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