Re: running balsa with fatal-warnings

On 03/10/2004 05:27:31 AM, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
> Hi all,
> so I've taken to running balsa in gdb, but using
> --g-fatal-warnings to trigger a stack trace on the first warning is
> useless, because the very fist warnings I get are about balsa not
> finding some images (that it should be able to find):
> comotion@comotion:~$ locate attachment.png
> /home/comotion/downloads/cvs/balsa/images/attachment.png

This happens because this part of code assumed that balsa has been  
installed properly (--prefix option points to a correct root). I merged  
some updates from HEAD to balsa-2 (libbalsa/files.c) that silences these  
warnings if balsa is run from its main directory, eg.

$ src/balsa


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