Re: Problems compiling Balsa

On 03/04/2004 07:57:40 PM, Misu Moldovan wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> I'm trying to compile Balsa out of CVS using the BALSA-2-0 branch.
> I have a fully-fledged Gnome 2.5.x environment compiled using jhbuild
> in Debian unstable. Balsa, however, refuses to compile cleanly.

Try getting balsa-2-0 branch. I do not see BALSA-2-0 tag in the CVS. Make  
sure you have version 1.1276.2.62 of ChangeLog and you can double check  
by doing

cvs status ChangeLog

The bugs you reported were fixed on 2003-07-21 - or so we believe.


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