Re: Reá: Reá: ANNOUNCE: development balsa-2.1.1 released

Am 02.03.04 17:55 schrieb(en) Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh):
> So I'm wondering while the (older) 2-0 is using the (newer) 0.4.x  
> version of gpgme and the (newer) 2.1 is using the (older) 0.3.x version  
> of gpgme?

Because gmime (used by 2.1) is a *completely* different world than libmutt  
(used before, therefore with 2.0), so I have to rewrite a lot of stuff.  
The ancient (gpgme 0.3) support went into 2.1, and I upgraded 2.0 to the  
new gpgme to avoid the problems with its bugs.

As I need S/MIME support, I focused first on that (for 2.0), and started  
porting the new crypto stuff to 2.1 only last weekend. I'm makeing some  
progress (sslloowwllyyyy though...), so I hope I have something working  



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