Re: Unexpected filtering of headers

On 2004.06.29 07:02, manu wrote:
On 28.06.2004 06:00:30, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
mails in the Inbox. Unstable would filter all of them, HEAD left them
all there.

First: what do you call unstable and HEAD. For me HEAD is 2.1.x, so it would be unstable in some sense. And I do have some filtering
Sorry for using ambigious termini. I run Debian unstable (Sid) and only got the CVS version on your request to try out the patch. So, for me, unstable is 2.0.17, which is in Debian's unstable branch, and HEAD is 2.1.x.

issues with it (it "forgets" to filter some mails, I have no idea why for now).
OK, then that is a known issue. As mentioned above, I usually don't use 2.1.x, so balsa "forgetting" to filter some messages struck me as peculiar. :-)

This disappears when libgmime2.1 is downgraded to 2.1.5-1.

I think this has been fixed in CVS gmime.
Maybe, I didn't try yet to pull that in as well.

4) In some big mailboxes, HEAD seems to mess up the date displayed in the tree view. These are headers displayed if the message is selected:

In tree view, for all of these mails "01-01-1970 01:00" is displayed as received-date. With unstable, the date is shown correctly both in tree and in message view.

hmm, no idea here, hopefully someone a bit less clueless than me will hop in the thread ;-)
I only noticed this for the two biggest of my mailboxes. One has about 11,000 messages (38 MB), the other about 4,000 (20 MB). The other mailboxes contain up to about 2500 messages (<10 MB). So maybe mailbox size has something to do with this error.

Thanks anyway for your effort (if only the patch could make it now into 2.0.x :-)

Best regards,


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