Re: Making balsa suitable for small devices

On 06/08/2004 07:20:45 PM, Wookey wrote:
Hi people, I'm an arm-linux, Debian and Embedded Debian developer and
I'm involved in a project that wants to use balsa on a small web-pad type device (but with a real keyboard).

Very nice!

Presumably there is room for some shinkage by missing out libraries or functionality or languages? What tradeoffs are there are to be made (both easily or with some development). Does it have a -- without-gnome option (like gnumeric) to remove a load of gconf and bonobo stuff for example?

Currently not but a patch to HEAD branch would be most welcome. The easiest dependency to remove is printing. Spell-checking should be simple, too: few #ifdefs (this actually has been requested several time in the past when pspell was not particularly stable). Removing the dependency on GNOME libs is more complicated because of the menus. It is possible to use GTK2 only menus but it requires some work and I never quite understood how to handle their i18n - but that's not an issue for you, I understand. I do not know how you are going to handle mail submission but using libesmtp variant is probably optimal in your case.

There will definately need to be UI changes for the touchscreen use -
presumably you'd be happy for these to come back into the mainstream
for others that need this?

I think so!

We're keen for our changes to go upstream wherever possible as it makes our lives easier, but there may be some things we
want to do which aren't really what the balsa team is looking for. I need guidance on that.

One problem we have right now is that it's a bit flaky - it crashes
far too
opften (we're testing with the Debian build 2.0.17-2) and it's running on an arm-based device. I don't know how much testing has been done on arm. Is flakiness expected?

I am aware of some POP3-related problems in HEAD, otherwise it was rock solid for me on x86.


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