Re: Balsa crashes on virus-laden emails

Ironically, Balsa seems to crash on the latest Email viruses (Windoze of course) going around. Someone who has my email address in their address book is infected and the virus is obviously emailing itself to me a couple of times. If I turn off the preview pane (Preferences --> Display --> Show preview pane) Balsa doesn't crash, so it looks like something is happening with the parsing of the message body. I have to turn off the preview pane so I can move the message to Trash. If someone wants a copy of the email(s) that are causing the crash, please let me know and I will forward them.

I cannot reproduce the crash with soon-to-be 2.2.1 and FC2. Which balsa version do you use?

2.2.0 (RPM) on FC2. It might be fixed in the latest version then, I'll have to wait for 2.2.1 and see.

Looks like it's fixed in 2.2.1... no more crashing on viewing those messages.


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