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hide the local outbox as long as it's empty

Am 25.07.2004 14:34 schrieb(en) Carlos Morgado:

On Sun, 25 Jul 2004 10:07:54, Steffen Klemer wrote:
Am 2004.07.25 01:39 schrieb(en) Carlos Morgado:

> And if you're not convinced yet, try not confused outbox and sentbox ;)

Perhaps the System of Outlook Express is a little bit simpler:

It places every sent msg in the Sentbox and marks unsend ones - Balsa
could cobine a "Resend - Button" in the context menu of msgs in the
Sentbox and the need for an Outbox would be out of the world ;)

This sounds much worse.
a) when you press send&receive sentbox needs to be scanned for unsent messages. b) it's not easy to notice a problem. if your outbox message count in balsa isn't 0 it's clear there is a problem. c) it lies. messages stuck in the outbox aren't *sent*, they are waiting to be sent.

The only Problem then would be "network in trouble" in connection with an imap-Sentbox - but there could be a fallback ~/.balsa/mbox where all Mails are (invisible to the user) cached when offline and submitted when the
connection is back...

as oposed to a local outbox where unset mails are cached ? :)
as I said, that mailbox *may* not show in the mblist. i think it's better if it shows but i don't feel particularly strongly about it.

(if you're thinking about offline mode and synchronizing, working patches are welcome ;))

I think this would be the most obvious and transparent solution for a new user -> To search for (in the mua) sent messages in the "Sentbox" and not
2 different ones! (Joe average doesn't care wether the mail is sent
transmitted already or not - he just trusts his mua to do it right ;)

This is just Wrong. Is that why outlook users call you up asking when you didn't reply to messages they haven't sent yet ?

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