Re: Balsa UI changes - developer needed

+++ Wookey [04-07-13 17:07 +0100]:
> Hi again people,
> I mailed a few weeks back about how we are using balsa as the mail client on
> a small-screen portable touchscreen device.
> We'd also really like it if someone familiar with the codebase stepped
> forward to make such UI changes - we can do it ourselves but it'll take
> longer, and is unlikely to be done as well as by those familiar with the app
> and its code. I did mention this before but no-one volunteered. Real money
> is available...We are in a tearing hurry of course, so some significant time
> available in the next 2-4 weeks is a necessity really. Roll up, roll up.
> Anyone interested in the work side of this, please mail me offlist with some
> info on what you do and don't know about, when you have time available and
> your rates.

I haven't had any responses to this apart from Albrecht's saying a backport
might be doable but he is short of time.

Is there no-one reading this list in a position to do paid work on Balsa in
the next few weeks? I really don't want to end up doing it all myself!!

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