Re: new gmime/gpg bug

Am 04.07.04 18:20 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
as depracted (e.g. g_mime_part_get_content()).You may remember that I posted several crypto related improvements already in 2.0 a while ago which were never accepted (see,
and they require gmime 2.1.5 or later.

I guess I can commit that patch if gmime-2.1.5 does not break anything else: I trust your judgement!

O.k., below is a new version of that big patch - the only differences to those noted in the message above are that it now works cleanly with today's cvs, and that the minimum requested gpgme version is 0.9.0, fixing problems with revoked key certs.

Apart form the Balsa (imap and rfc 3156) and gmime (multipart/signed, but this seems to improve) problems, there is afaik now only one open gpgme bug: when using gpg 1.2 configured for automatic key retreival, gpgme falsely returns a "no data" error if retreiving an unknown key failed instead of "no key". It has to be fixed in gpgme, though, and the gpg people claim that it's gone with gpg 1.3/1.9.

Oh, btw, IMHO we should really make gmime 2.1.7 the minimum requested version; there were some fixes since 2.1.5.


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