Re: ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.1.90 released

Am 04.07.04 19:17 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
On 07/04/2004 05:24:23 PM, Craig Routledge wrote:
I personally aim at releasing 2.2.0 this week - before Saturday, in any case. Whether it will actually happen is another question :). There are still some open problems but I believe it is still worth to push for this release.

In this case, it would be great if we could upgrade to the latest GMime CVS release - IMHO the wrongly encoded From: header might be problematic. It will be accepted by *most* mta's/mua's, but they clearly violate the standards. Jeff, what do you think about releasing a new tarball?

2. mail signing and encryption is a more serious problem but I think the right way to go about it is just to state the list of the problems and attack them one after another. I am not a heavy crypto user in this sense so I do not really know what is to be fixed. The things that come to my mind are:
a. interoperability of crypto and Imap mailboxes.
b. boundaries problem with gmime.

I do not think a. is a show stopper. b is more serious one and I do not quite know what to do about it.

These problems apply only to RFC 3156 (PGP/MIME, multipart/signed and multipart/encrypted) stuff, RFC 2440 (aka OpenPGP) works just fine in HEAD, also with imap. However, PGP/MIME *should* be the preferred method to use...

Problem (a) is clearly something which must be fixed on Balsa's side. I have no idea how to do that, though...

Problem (b) comes from GMime, but Jeff is working on a fix (right?). I think we (Balsa) can not do anything about it. It is actually something like a show stopper, as the signature verification of '3156 messages where the signed content is again a multipart is not reliable, i.e. if an invalid signature is reported, it may be invalid or it may be the gmime bug... Otoh, if Jeff has a fix, there would be no need to rebuild Balsa, a gmime rpm upgrade would be sufficient.

If we can really get a new gmime release for RH/Fedora, IMHO we should also apply the postponed crypto patch of May 26th, as it contains some speed-ups and removes a lot of "old" code. I could definitely produce a new patch which applies cleanly to HEAD before next sunday.

Oh and there is a minor problem with MDN's in HEAD - I'll post the fix (a tru one-liner) later today.

Cheers, Albrecht.

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