Handling of multiple identities with balsa (Was: no subject)

Grrr...somehow I managed to send the original mail without a Subject- 
header. Mistake over mistake...perhaps I should upgrade this buggy  
user. :-)

On 2004.01.29 19:16, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
> Hi,
> is it somehow possible to bind an identity to certain outgoing  
> addresses? I have just sent another mail to an ml I am subscribed to  
> with another than my subsciption address in the From-header. As some  
> lists have a policy of not accepting mails from unsubscribed  
> addresses, or only accepting them after review by a list moderator,  
> that can be quite annoying. I think, something like this could be  
> convenient:
> On Send Message, the address in the To-field is mapped against a list  
> of the From-address.
> If there is an entry for the  To-address and the From-address matches  
> that entry, just silently send the message.
> f there is an entry for the  To-address and the From-address differs  
> from that entry, ask for confirmation (and replace the From-address  
> if needed).
> For new To-addresses (ie, no list found), there could be several ways  
> to deal with: asking to map it to the current From-address, asking to  
> take the From-address from the defaut identity, or just assuming that  
> the user knows what he's doing and sending the mail silently.
> Best regards,
> Andreas
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