Re: crash/hang with balsa 2.0.16

On 01/20/2004 05:54:22 PM, Nuno Monteiro wrote:
> On 2004.01.20 17:25, Nuno Monteiro wrote:
>> Hi there, folks.
> Ok, following up to myself: just one more detail, since I was  
> running 2.0.16 and it just froze/crashed again. I wasn't  
> running it under gdb at the time, but I got this on the  
> console:
> free(): invalid pointer 0x8395b98!

If you run with MALLOC_CHECK_=2, you'll get a warning on abuses  
of the heap, and with --g-fatal-warnings you'll get an abort,  
which might give a useful stack trace.


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