Re: Idiot question

On 01/17/2004 08:09:31 AM, Foeh Mannay wrote:
> Hi, All.
> It's my first post and I'm not a software developer, so please  
> go easy on me if this is a stupid question...
> I recently switched over to Balsa from KMail, due mainly to the  
> fact that it works much more cleanly with maildir. Since then  
> I've found that I really quite like it.

Glad to read that!

> My only real gripe, and it's a *really* big pain in the  
> backside for me, is that every time I click compose to start  
> writing a mail, it selects the 'From' address and overwrites  
> anything currently in the clipboard. It's had me *so* many  
> times, including this mail in fact - I selected the mailing  
> list address in mozilla then by the time I pasted it, it was my  
> e-mail address. Grr.
> I'm on 2.0.15 so there are no more current stable versions.  
> Perhaps it only happens in KDE? Maybe there is some meaningful  
> purpose behind it?  I don't know. Will this behaviour change at  
> some point?

It didn't happen to me (RH9, Gnome, Metacity).  I've never tried  
it, but I highlighted the list address in your message, clicked  
the `compose' button, then right-clicked in the `To:' field, and  
the address was pasted in.  Ctrl+C in the original, click  
`compose', Ctrl+V in the compose window worked also.  Perhaps  
it's a window-manager difference.


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