Re: Drag and drop address from gnomecard

>>> I am trying to get to the bottom of a strange bug in gnomecard  
>>> or balsa. I recently submitted a patch to fix dragging and  
>>> dropping email addresses from gnomecard into balsa to gnome-pim  
>>> CVS.  However, there is still a problem.  When I drop an email  
>>> address into balsa's "To:" field, the address is pasted twice,  
>>> ie: ","

>>> Link a good GTK DnD application, gnomecard registers a callback  
>>> function, card-display.c:card_display_drag_data_get, against  
>>> the drag_data_get signal.  When an address is dropped from  
>>> gnomecard, the card_display_drag_data_get is called TWICE,  
>>> implying that the drag_data_get signal is sent to gnomecard  
>>> twice.  I can't figure out why. I'm not sure if the problem is  
>>> in gnomecard or balsa.
>>> Can anyone help shed some light on this?
>> I don't know if this helps, but all recent Balsas have quoted a  
>> message twice when you drag and drop it into the text area of the  
>> compose window.  The whole cycle of drag-source-callback/drag- 
>> dest-callback is repeated.  I've never tried to figure out why!
> It looks like dragging and dropping into the To:, Cc: and message
> body fields cause the item to be "dropped" twice.  Dropping something
> into the Subject: field drops only once.  So I'll take a look at the
> differences in the code.  I'm starting to think that this is a balsa
> and not a gnomecard problem.

This message seems to present a similar problem, but I can't find any



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