Re: the state of HEAD

Am 2004.02.28 12:36 schrieb(en) Kacper Wysocki:
> Cheers,
> I was just wondering what the state of balsa 2.1 or HEAD was- what  
> features are implemented and whether it has a 75% chance of not eating  
> my mailboxen alive. I've been looking to try it out for a while but last  
> I heard ssl or gss or something wasn't implemented yet. Also, apart from  
> gmime, are there any other dependencies that have to be updated to  
> bleeding edge (as in more bleeding edge than debian sid)?

The last time I tried it (2 weeks ago) you didn't need anything special  
besides perhaps gmime 2.1 (but 2.0 from sid should now work as well)

There were only some minor problems with gtkhtml3 because it's .la file wa  
in some way corrupted and had to be hand edited (don't know what it was,  
but really simple to solve)

I don't think it will eat your mbox, but a backup is always useful ;) And  
be prepared to see *some* crashs ;)


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