Re: duplicate mail

On 02/18/2004 11:21:46 AM, Brian wrote:
> Ok I like balsa but its getting on my nerves.  Every time I  
> start it and sometimes when it checks for mail it downloads  
> everything from the server giving me dups.  I end up at least  
> twice a day going through all of my old mail to mark it read.   
> Whats going on.


I tried to duplicate this problem by unchecking `Delete Messages  
from server after download', and it all seemed to work as  
intended. The only questionable behavior I saw was when I checked  
it again to clear out the old messages on the server: Balsa then  
ignored the saved uid of the last message it had seen, and  
downloaded them all before telling the server to delete them.

Do you change that setting, or is it always left unchecked?


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