Re: Mysterious option

Am 19.02.2004 21:40 schrieb(en) Pawel Salek:
> Well, I would say it is gedit that is broken. Such premature quitting  
> makes it useless for eg. all the programs that use the EDITOR or  
> VISUAL environment variables (cvs commit comes to my mind but it is  
> not the only case: subversion, crontab are other examples).

Well, it depends on the viewpoint. For UNIX, you're absolutely right,  
but in some way we aren't in UNIX anymore, where you interact with  
fork/exec and pipes/stdin/stdout, but in Gnome which implements its own  
integration framework, mainly through Bonobo.

It would be an interesting to know how the "Preferred Apps -> Editor"  
is meant to be used by other Gnome applications, I think it's purely  
for viewing, not for editing.


Darko Obradovic

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