Re: Mysterious option

On 02/19/2004 06:26:57 PM, Darko Obradovic wrote:
> Am 13.02.2004 21:12 schrieb(en) Darko Obradovic:
> > Now I discovered "Edit->Edit with Gnome Editor" in the compose
> > window, so this makes some sense now, yes.
> > But I consider it a quite irritating feature, not sure if it's useful
> [snip]
> Second: It doesn't work with gedit anyways, as it's tab-based and not
> bound to one process per file. That's what irritated me when testing
> this feature. And gedit will be the standard editor for most people.

Well, I would say it is gedit that is broken. Such premature quitting  
makes it useless for eg. all the programs that use the EDITOR or VISUAL  
environment variables (cvs commit comes to my mind but it is not the only  
case: subversion, crontab are other examples).


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