Re: duplicate mail

Preferences->Mail Servers->Modify->Delete Messages From Server After Download
If this isn't checked, that's probably the cause.


On 2004.02.18 11:26, Andreas Schmidt wrote:
> On 2004.02.18 17:21, Brian wrote:
> > Ok I like balsa but its getting on my nerves.  Every time I start it  
> > and sometimes when it checks for mail it downloads everything from  
> > the server giving me dups.  I end up at least twice a day going  
> > through all of my old mail to mark it read.  Whats going on.
> > 
> > Setup:
> > External Mail server - Freebsd/qmail/pop3
> > local balsa workstation - Slackware/balsa using mbox (Maildir setup  
> > doesn't make sense) NO GNOME (I run Windowmaker thats it)
> > 
> > any ideas why it is doing this? I am running Balsa version 2.0.16
> >
> Hmmm, no idea what may be causing this, I noticed the same thing,  
> though. However, what I love about balsa is this neat option "Remove  
> duplicates" at the bottom of the Mailbox menu (main window). mutt may  
> be the MUA of choice when it comes to quickly parse huge mbox-files  
> (balsa always choked on my 100++MB file from one mailing list), but I  
> haven't figured out yet how to remove duplicates there, so this feature  
> really has saved me a lot of work several times...
> Best regards,
> Andreas
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