Re: best mailbox format?

Peter Bloomfield wrote:
>>> I have a maildir and an essentially identical mbox, both with over
>>> 3000 messages (~11Mb in the mbox format), and with Balsa from cvs
>>> HEAD, both open in 2-3 seconds (the second time, after the disk
>>> buffers are loaded)--can't really tell which is faster.

> It's been a long, slow job, but the mbox backend in cvs now seems
> robust, and gives reasonable performance.

My 50Mb 5000 mail Maildir box takes around ten seconds to open.
Depending on our relative hardware, it would seem to me that the algo
scales linearly. There wouldn't be a way to display, say, the most
recent messages first then populate the message list as they are being

Also, I would love to see an "abort action"/"abort thread" command in
balsa, much in the way that pan does it -or just multithreading, so one
can, say, initiate opening of the 5000+ maildir and then compose an
email. Yes, I know, easier said then done.


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