Reá: Reá: cvs -2-0 does not build

Le 08.02.2004 21:57, Pawel Salek a Úcritá:
> On 02/08/2004 08:43:00 PM, Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh) wrote:
>> [snip]
>> checking for automake >= 1.4...
>>   testing automake-1.4... not found.
>> ***Error***: You must have automake >= 1.4 installed
>>   to build Balsa.  Download the appropriate package for
>>   from your distribution or get the source tarball at
>> [snip]
>> It complains about automake but I have it:
>> [jean-luc@tangerine] /usr/local/src/balsa-2-0-20040208.cvs $  
>> automake
>> --version
>> automake (GNU automake) 1.8.2
> I see you do have installed, don't you? It requires  
> - and says that! automake-1.4

Ye, I've it. With Debian sid, it is part of gnome-common package. I've  
seen that in /usr/share/aclocal/gnome2-macros there is an  
script and the value for autogen is 1.4 .. In this case, it is checked  
for 1.4 only. I think it is a bug as the when 1.4 only = 1.4 is checked  
and not the higher versions (I've reported a bug in the Debian BTS  
against gnome-common but maybe it is a feature [tm]):

    1.4*) automake_progs="automake-1.4" ;;
    1.5*) automake_progs="automake-1.7 automake-1.6 automake-1.5" ;;
    1.6*) automake_progs="automake-1.7 automake-1.6" ;;
    1.7*) automake_progs="automake-1.7" ;;

> Balsa on its own does not require it - you can give the attached  
> a try.
> Pawel
> >#! /bin/sh
>echo "Running gettextize...  Ignore non-fatal messages."
>glib-gettextize --force --copy
>echo "running intltoolize..."
>intltoolize --copy --force --automake
>echo "Running aclocal..."
>echo "Running autoheader..."
>echo "Running libtoolize..."
>echo "Running automake..."
>automake --foreign --add-missing --copy
>echo "Running autoconf..."
>echo "Running configure $* ..."
>./configure "$@"

The 'vootstrap' fails at ./configure step telling that there si no ./ 
configure ...

But as I've modfied the from gnome-common I managed to build  

Thanks and best regards
				- Jean-Luc

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