Re: font problems

On 02/08/2004 09:29:52 PM, Marcelo B. de Bianchi wrote:
> hi,
> I using balsa 2.0.16 and my balsa insist to show the '?' character  
> (even if I set the correct UNICODE eastern-europe in show-messages  
> prefereces) for an email from

Do you want eastern-europe (iso-8859-2) or perhaps western-europe (iso- 

> And the message had a content-type line ....
> --> Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
> plus, balsa don't let me reply to these message !! It just disapear in
> the reply windows ...

Well, that's perhaps the problem: balsa cannot sensibly extract the text  
of the HTML message when compiled against gtkhtml2.


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