cvs -2-0 does not build

Hi !

I got the following error while calling :

checking for libtool >= 1.5...
  testing libtoolize... found 1.5.2
checking for glib-gettext >= 2.2.0...
  testing glib-gettextize... found 2.2.3
checking for intltool >= 0.27.2...
  testing intltoolize... found 0.28
checking for pkg-config >= 0.14.0...
  testing pkg-config... found 0.15.0
./ line 1: --print-ac-dir: command not found
Checking for required M4 macros...
  libtool.m4 not found
  glib-gettext.m4 not found
  intltool.m4 not found
  pkg.m4 not found
Checking for forbidden M4 macros...
***Error***: some autoconf macros required to build Balsa
  were not found in your aclocal path, or some forbidden
  macros were found.  Perhaps you need to adjust your
				- Jean-Luc

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