Re: How to choose the mbox/maildir format of a folder?

Hi Xan,

AFAIK there is no mean to change the type of an existing mailbox in Balsa.

The best way is to create a new one of the type you want and to mpve the messages from the old one to the new one then delete the new one.

If there are many messages and/or many mailboxes to process, you can create a "move" filter to help you doing the job.

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Le 21.12.2004 12:28:49, Xan a écrit :
And how to change the type of mailboxes that I have. In propierties
there is
no option.


PS: Please, CCme.

Le 18.12.2004 16:11:06, Xan a écrit :


I want to know if it's possible to choose the format (mbox/maildir) of
folder created in balsa, and how?

   In Kmail it's possible in the options, in balsa I not saw.

Right click in the mailbox list.
Choose "New"
And chhose the mailbox type in the list



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