Problems with public folders

Hi all,

I've been using Balsa at home for a long time with great satisfactions, but I would like to use it at work too for all mail-related tasks because I think it is the most elegant MUA in the free software world. However, I have some issues with Balsa 2.2.6 (as packaged in Debian Sid), the most annoying being that Balsa doesn't mark as read the messages that I've already opened in a public folder on an IMAP server (Courier 2.0.8).

I don't know how Mozilla/Thunderbird mark them as read, although the folders are read-only. But currently I'm keeping both Balsa and Thunderbird opened all the time and I use Balsa for regular mails and Thunderbird for reading mail in public folders. And somehow the messages that show up as read in Thunderbird show up as read in Balsa too, although there are some synchronization issues (which are sometimes solved by changing the previewed messages in Balsa and some other times by closing/reopening the public folder in Balsa).

However, I cannot currently figure out how to configure Balsa to behave properly in regards to public folders. I've tried the options in the "Advanced" tab of the properties of the IMAP folder, namely "Enable persistent cache" and "Enable bug workarounds" but it seems they have other uses...

Thanks for an awesome mailer,

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