Re: Running from GKrellM: Multi-threading issue?

On 12/08/2004 03:49:21 AM, Andrew Conkling wrote:
On 07/12/04 18:39:24, Carlos Morgado wrote:
> this is a Gkrellm bug. this means it doesn't rip it's children
> that usually leeds to all kind of nasty bugs cause the application
> confused on programs are "active" and "inactive"
> been there, done that ;)

Thanks Carlos.  Can you or anyone else confirm that this is still a
problem?  I'm using GKrellM 2.2 now and I'd think if this were a bug,
it  would have been addressed in the last few years....

Isn't it so that balsa discovers there is another instance running in the background and quits without bringing the other one to the front?


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