Re: ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.2.4 released

On 08/28/2004 06:16:12 PM, Andrew Lau wrote:
On Sat, Aug 28, 2004 at 01:19:28PM +0000, Pawel Salek wrote:
> Balsa team would like to officially announce balsa-2.2.4 release
> available at
> ...
> Major highlights of this balsa release are:
> - GPE address book support -

Hi guys,

I'm a bit confused about that last item. Having read the URL, I was
under the impression that Balsa now supported the transfer of contacts
between itself and those on a GPE-running Palmtop device.

But then I noticed the following in ./configure --help:

  --enable-touch-ui       Enable Touchscreen UI mode (default=no)
  --with-sqlite=DIR       Use SQLite for GPE address books

So is this feature about actually running Balsa on a GPE device and
not communicating with one?

Yes - this is about sharing the address book data with GPE-contacts program. This means you have to run balsa on the same program as gpe- contacts. You can run both balsa and gpe-contacts on a GPE device or balsa + gpe-contacts on a PC. Or just manally copy the address book file (this is what I did). but yes, ability to sync in some way address book data between a PC and a portable device would be nice. I do not know whether such a program exists.


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