Re: [PATCH/HEAD] rfc2440 w/imap and a few other fixes

On 28.04.2004 14:32:23, Albrecht Dreß wrote:
> Hi,
> below is a small patch against today's HEAD branch with a few fixes:
> * bring back RFC 2440 support for imap mailboxes (file src/balsa- 
> message.c): If the gmime body is not yet present, trigger loading it  
> and be sure to set (if present) the charset parameter;
> * set the correct padlock icon (blue instead of gray) for multipart/ 
> encrypted messages (libbalsa/message.c);
> * remove the depracted "decrypt file" from some libbalsa files (body. 
> [hc], message.c), as now gmime's streams do the job for us;
> * remove an unused signal in libbalsa/mailbox.c (why the hell did I  
> add it?).
> Please note that rfc3156 is still not supported with imap mailboxes.
> Opinions?
> Cheers,

Oddly enough your message triggers an invalid signature message (I  
applied your patch).
Is that normal (it says that it could be related to gmime bug).


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