Re: segfault in balsa

On 04/19/2004 06:35:13 PM, Kacper Wysocki wrote:
> Opened balsa, read 5 messages, posted a reply, read two more  
> messages in a different mailbox, switched back to first  
> mailbox, opened my own new post and -blam-
> see attached for gdb... last syscall was a waitpid(... that  
> never finished, but the program with that pid had already  
> exited
> this is on balsa 2.0 cvs --with-gpgme, updated a week ago,  
> running debian sid configured to check my email every 5  
> minutes, commit mailboxen every 5 minutes and close unused  
> boxen every 10 minutes. The post in question had a signature.
> Let me know if this info is at all useful.

Yes, it's useful--thanks for the report!

Closing messages is over-complicated in 2.0, and it's been  
cleaned up in HEAD/2.1.  Is the `blam' reproducible in 2.0?  Have  
you seen it in HEAD/2.1?


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