Re: HEAD + gpgme: got SIGSEGV

Le 19.04.2004 19:46, Albrecht Dre▀ a Úcritá:
> Am 19.04.04 09:44 schrieb(en) Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh):
>> 0x080f8218 in g_mime_part_check_rfc2440 (part=0x0) at gmime-part-
>> rfc2440.c:36
> Hmm, that's a NULL part... must add a check for that! Does this  
> happen
> with *all* messages from the maildir box or only with *on* particular
> message? Thanks for spotting that problem,

I'm sure it is not with all the messages as I was able to display  
correctly some of them. I've just done a "next unread" and catched the  
fault. I was not even able to see which one triggered the segfault as  
balsa crashed while opening this box.

But BTW, there are quite many other SIGSEGV. I will be far away from  
the internet and the computer until the end of the week. I will do more  
tests later.

		- Jean-Luc

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