Re: HEAD: gpg(me) is back!!

Am 18.04.04 11:32 schrieb(en) Jean-Luc:
> I'm a bit puzzled.
> You said againdt the head branch... And in the bug you told of the -2-0
> of October ...

Umm, yes, it's a little confusing, as the old (0.3.x) gpgme stuff did  
never work with 2.1/head... The bug says it's "moving balsa to the new  
gpgme release", and the first (of last year) was actually for the stable  
(2.0) branch. We then decided to leave the bug open for head/2.1 (scroll  
down to see the discussion starting in February this year), and now I  
submitted the patch for head.

Sorry for the confusion,


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