Re: HEAD: gpg(me) is back!!

Am 2004.04.18 23:34 schrieb(en) Albrecht Dre▀:
> Am 18.04.04 19:02 schrieb(en) Steffen Klemer:
>> But I had some difficulties applying it to the cvs from today (last
>> ChangeLog is "2004-03-28 14:33  PeterB")
> Apparently some gnome cvs mirror(s) are badly out of sync; the patch has
> been verified against a version with the latest changelog by "2004-04-16
> Adam Weinberger <>". I had a similar problem a few days
> ago, also getting some end-of-march code, but I blamed it to my setup...
> Please try to update again, until you get a recent release from a
> different mirror/server.

OK, now I have a recent cvs - and everythig works fine for me ;) (I even  
hadn't to remove these GTK_DISABLE_DEPRCATED flags - it compiled smoothly!

>> I noticed that all msgs checked by gpg are sent to stdout (or stderr,
>> don't know - at least they are shown in the terminal ;)
> That's a debug message in gmime-multipart-{signed|encrypted}. Depending
> upon the release, there is a statement like
> #define d(x) x
> Change it to just "#define d(x)", and they are gone. If you actually  
> need
> debugging with gpgme, the much smarter way is to run the application  
> using
> GPGME_DEBUG=5:/some/log/file balsa

yes, gmime-multipart-signed.c had this statement...

thanks a lot for you effort to bring the world a bit more privacy (ad all  
the balsa-devs for this wonderful proggi!)


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