The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away ...

I posed a question yesterday about spelling.  Well apparently, all  
Balsa needed was a rest, as when I came in this morning, spelling was  

I swear I did nothing between trying it one last time before going home  
and then trying it again this morning, but there you go.

Sadly, I then tried to print something, to no avail.  The print dialog  
comes up, print preview looks wonderful, I click print and .. nothing.

The Printer listed is

  Gnome default printer (PS,lpr)

which is OK, I guess, as there are no other choices.  The settings are


which is also OK, as the

  Add New Settings

list item is greyed out.  I CAN print to a file, but no other


items cause paper to come out.

Other GNOME apps do print OK, although I do not have a full GNOME  

Any thoughts ?

Thanks in advance.


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