Re: New User - sentbox and IMAP

On 10/07/2003, Alan Rothenbush wrote:
> I'm a new balsa user, but not a gnome user, and am trying to  
> configure balsa for use with IMAP.
> Previously I've been using Postilion from my Linux desktop and  
> mutt from everywhere else, both configured to use IMAP.
> While Postilion has a few shortcomings, its IMAP support is  
> very good.
> Almost everything in balsa works fine as well, and I'm quite  
> pleased .. There are a few things I'd like (but can live  
> without), so I think I've switched mailers !
> But one thing I do find hard to live with is two "sent"  
> mailboxes, a local sentmail and an IMAP folder on the mail  
> server.
> I've dutifully scoured the archives, and it seems as if balsa  
> supports storing copies of outgoing mail on an IMAP server, but  
> it's not working for me.
> When I select the existing mailbox on the IMAP server, right- 
> click and select Mark as Sentbox, I get a seg fault.

I got the same thing--then I tried to reproduce it with gdb to  
get a stack trace, and I can't provoke it!  Whatever the problem  
is, it seems to be intermittent and not 100% reproducible.

> When I restart, the IMAP folder has the stylized "S" which I  
> take as an indication that it's now the sent mailbox.  However,  
> sent mail continues to be stored in the local mailbox, forcing  
> me to do something manual (i.e., move all the day's outgoing  
> messages from here to there ) before quitting for the day.
> Am I missing something ?

The next time you compose a message, select Fcc on the Show menu,  
and you'll get a dropdown list of mailboxes for filing your copy.  
When you select a new Sentbox, it's supposed to be pushed on the  
top of that stack, but that probably didn't happen because of the  
segfault, so you'll probably see the old sentbox. The stack will  
also have an `Other' button, which will allow you to pick a  
mailbox to deliver your file copy to directly--if you do that, it  
will be remembered, so just select your IMAP `Sent' folder, and  
you should be all set.


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