Re: Balsa and pgp !?


On 11.11.2003 10:26:17, wrote:
> > every time when I got an e-mail with pgp signature I get ->
> > 
> > TODO: part_info_init_application
> > 
> > what can be done to remedy this ?
> I think there are two possibilities:
> * your balsa binary has been built without gpg/pgp support;

Hmm, ok, that must be it ! See (1)

> * the format of the received message violates the relevant standards.
> You can check if you have gpg/pgp support by running balsa from a terminal. If you don't get a message like
> ** Message: init gpgme version 0.3.15

(1) Rawhide currently does not have/carry gpgme package and I just checked balsa's spec file, there is
no mention of --with-gpgme.

> you must rebuild balsa with gpg/pgp support yourself... Please see for details.

Heh, gpgme just built, rebuilding balsa as we speak :)
Wrote: /usr/src/redhat/RPMS/i386/balsa-2.0.15-2.i386.rpm

> Hth,
> Albrecht.


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