Bug#191848: balsa: doesn't show SMTP error messages

Package: balsa
Version: 2.0.10-1
Tags: upstream sid
When balsa connects to a remote SMTP server, and a recipient or the
whole message is refused somewhere in the SMTP dialog, balsa doesn't
show you what went wrong.
Balsa should include in the error dialog the SMTP error message,
so that the user can find out why balsa was unable to send the
This is because there are various reasons why a message could
be refused by a mail server on a permanent basis and requeueing
is NOT a good idea:
- relaying denied. User should probably use a different SMTP server
  or enable authentication
- "user unknown" if the recipient is in the local domain of the
  SMTP relay but unknown
- message contains spam or a virus
- authentication failed or TLS session setup failed, I have filed
  seperate bug reports detailing this


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