Re : Gtk lib patch

On 2003.05.31 08:58, Peter Bloomfield wrote:
> I broke down and upgraded to RH9, so now of course I have the random 
> hangs that lots of people have reported.  Question is: while the 
> maintainers decide whether to fix it, what's the simplest way to get 
> a patched lib?  The patch at 
> apparently helps.
> I tried cvs HEAD, and of course that depends on later versions of 
> stuff than came with RH9, and the gnome-2-2 branch seems to be 
> empty.  I *really* don't want to go the garnome or jhbuild routes!  
> Can anyone offer a suggestion?

Perhaps you should try the source rpm and patch it (I think there is a 
way to specify patches in the spec file, but I'm totally ignorant in 
this so it could just be a hallucination ;-).

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