Re: Minor glitches with v1.4.4 - followup

On 2003.05.14 10:30, Philip Rhoades wrote:
> Sorry to follow up my own mail but I tried to rebuild from the src 
> file but got the following (all the GdkPixbuf stuff is definitely 
> installed):

You took the right path - the binary was built with no printing 
support. I have just corrected it.

> checking whether Gnome-VFS is available... no
> Gnome-VFS(-devel) library is not available.  It is highly
> recommended that you obtain this library before building balsa
> checking whether to GdkPixbuf is available... configure: error: gdk-
> pixbuf(-devel) library is needed to build balsa
> error: Bad exit status from /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.49074 (%build)

Can you check out the content of config.log and look for related 
pieces? Does it provide any clues?

>> A couple of minor glitches with v1.4.4 (RH 7.3 RPM build):
>> - Lost sorting with clicks on "From" and "Subject" headings

None I know of. This is an regression, definetely.

>> - Gnome Printing not available



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