Re: Fwd: Unable to build 2.0.11

On 2003.05.14 18:19, Geoffrey Leach wrote:
> Building in RH 9.  No complaints from configure (aspell 0.50.3 built 
> locally).  Make shows no errors, but on make install I get:
> spell-check.o(.text+0x194f): In function `balsa_spell_check_fix':
> /usr/local/src/ftp/balsa-2.0.11/src/spell-check.c:1017: undefined 
> reference to `pspell_manager_store_replacement'unction `spch_finish':
> /usr/local/src/ftp/balsa-2.0.11/src/spell-check.c:1113: undefined 
> reference to `pspell_manager_save_all_word_lists'cal/src/ftp/balsa-
> 2.0.11/src/spell-check.c:1133: undefined reference to 
> `delete_pspell_manager'sa-2.0.11/src/spell-check.c:785: undefined 
> reference to `pspell_config_replace'
> ...
> INSTALL indicates that libaspell  >= 0.50 is an alternative, and 
> indeed, the aspell website indicates that pspell is obsolete. 
> However, pspell-devel-0.12.2-16 is installed.
> So, what am I missing?

I believe that you are not missing anything. I rather think you have 
got too much. If possible, remove remainings of pspell, i.e. pspell and 
pspell-devel and run configure && make again. 
I hope this helps,


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