Re: GPG and balsa 1.4.x

Am 26.03.03 16:47 schrieb(en) Laurent Cheylus:
> My work is only for support of RFC 2015 and RFC 2440 (OpenPGP message
> i.e. ASCCI
> PGP signed/crypted message). Albrecht Dress' work is for RFC 3156

Just to clarify of what I understood from the RFC's (not necessarily 
correct ;-))...

RFC2015 is not really depracted, but at least it has been updated by 
'3156. Basically, they define the same: a two-part mime compliant message 
where one part contains the signed/encrypted stuff and the other 
additional information (signature or a "dummy" for encrypted), all put 
into a proper multipart/signed or multipart/encrypted envelope. This 
implies that the signed/encrypted part may again be a multipart/mixed. 
'3156 has some tighter constraints to make the transfer more robust. IIRC, 
a '3156 compliant message is *guaranteed* the be decodable by any '2015 
and '3156 compliant mua as long as the mta's between work properly, 
whereas a '2015 message might be modified by rfc compliant mua's so that 
even an other '2015 compliant mua might fail. So you should really forget 
'2015 and say '3156.

'2440 is a completely different game. This is what you get when running 
"gpg --armor {encrypt or sign}" on a file, put into a message. It's *much* 
easier to handle from the programmers point of view (though it has some 
other pitfalls like char encoding), and some mua's like pine rely on it. 
The drawback is that afaik it does not support multipart stuff (or you had 
to sign/encrypt each part separately).

> If I succeed in resolving my problems with multi-threading, maybe I will
> backport Albrecht's work in Balsa 1.4.x. But I think it will better to

Do you have any reproducable test cases or scenarios which lead to the 
crash? I really tried hard, but could not make balsa crash (but fund some 
bugs in my code...). However, I would feel better if I could test my patch 
in that direction, although it seems to run nicely...

Thanks in advance,


  Albrecht Dreß  -  Johanna-Kirchner-Straße 13  -  D-53123 Bonn (Germany)
        Phone (+49) 228 6199571  -

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