Re: GPG and balsa 1.4.x


Quoting Holger Lange <>:
> Is it possible to implement the GPG support from 2.0.x into 1.4.x?

I'm working on GPG support for Balsa 1.4.x but I have still problems with
multi-threading with GPGME library and Balsa :-(

My work is only for support of RFC 2015 and RFC 2440 (OpenPGP message i.e. ASCCI
PGP signed/crypted message). Albrecht Dress' work is for RFC 3156 (PGP/MIME
messages). At the present time, I have a patch for Balsa 1.3.6 : see

If I succeed in resolving my problems with multi-threading, maybe I will
backport Albrecht's work in Balsa 1.4.x. But I think it will better to merge our
work in Balsa 2.0 first.

A++ Foxy.

Laurent Cheylus <> OpenPGP ID 0x5B766EC2

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