Usability-issues - part I

Hi all,

After using balsa for quite some time now, I noticed quite some things 
in the UI which could be solved in a slightly better way for daily 
usage, at least imho.
Te thing I've git the best suggetsion for right now is identity 

Current state in the compose-window is a row for "from", optional of 
course. I have the row on by default, and when clicking on "compose" 
the text is always marked/selected, which often destroys the 
X-clipboard, that's not good. Very fine is the detection of the correct 
identity when replying emails. However, to change the identity, you 
have to click on a toolbar-button or a menu entry, giving a new 
windows, and so on, not that user-friendly. And there's the 
addressbook-button on the right... I think the only real benefit for 
that is eased spoofing of your friends mails. *g*

My suggestion would be:
People only having defined one identity shouldn't see this row ever by 
default. People having multiple identities should get a dropdown-field 
with their defined identitites to choose from. No text should be 
pre-selected. The addressbook-button should be left out, the 
identity-choosing-window as well. It would be somewhat simpler in my 
imagination. Whether to make that filed editable or not might be 
discussed, I can't decide for pros and cons.
If I were able to code, I'd come up with a patch, but so I just can 
come up with some thoughts. :)



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