Re: ANNOUNCE: balsa-2.0.10 and balsa-1.4.3 released

On 2003.03.25 00:22, Pawel Salek wrote:
> Changes in balsa-2.0.10 wrt the 2.0.9 release include:
> - GPG support.
> - translation fixes and enhancements.
> - large set of UI fixes.
> - wrapping cleanups.
> - autocommit improvements.
> - (lib)mutt buffer overflow fix.
> - ...and lots of other bugs fixed.

I realized that non-7bit-ascii ldap patch did not make it into the 
release. THe quick fix is to change
#define BALSA_CODESET "ISO-8859-1"
in libbalsa/address-book-ldap.c

I will try to commit a proper fix asap.


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