GnuPG news [patch]

Hi all,

attached is a patch (against the cvs of March 23rd) with a couple of fixes 
& improvements for balsa's GnuPG support:

* fix a crash if two compose windows are open when the sign and encrypt 
check menu items are read (now there are proper callbacks);

* fixes item 2 and 3 of the TODO list (encryption for multiple recipients 
and storing the message so that the sender can still read it). Actually 
GnuPG is smart enough to handle multiple recipients, but (to be honest) I 
was too dumb to read the docs carefully enough. Thanks to Christian 
Huwaert for pointing me to that! Now the message is encrypted for the 
sender and all To: and CC: recipients, but *not* for the Bcc:'s, as their 
addresses could be extracted from the encrypted block;

* replace all g_message() calls by libbalsa_information() with an 
appropriate level;

* improve the display of the signature/encryption state according to a 
suggestion by Carlos Morgado: when the index is built, signed messages are 
marked with a gray and encrypted messages with a blue padlock. When a 
signed message is read and all (including embedded) signatures are good, 
the icon is changed to green, if at least one signature is bad (or a key 
missing), it's red. The icons are really ugly, so if someone has more 
attractive artwork fitting into a 16x16 pixel square...

Hope you like it,



P.S.: btw, do you think it's a good idea to *force* using gnome 2.2 now? 
It seems to fix some issues (like scrolling the index to the selected 
line), but I'm afraid some people out there are still fighting with gnome 
2. Just my ¤ 0.01...

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        Phone (+49) 228 6199571  -


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