Re: balsa-list digest, Vol 1 #1278 - 3 msgs

On 2003.03.11 18:43, Christopher Culver wrote:
> Carlos Morgado wrote:
>> Having balsa use Evo's address book makes no sense.
> Why not? Among virtually all distros Evo has replaced GnomeCard as the 
> standard address utility. Evolution's database is in XML. Why is 
> Evolution somehow nonsensical, while ancient, forgotten GnomeCard is 
> seen as a good thing to use with Balsa?

The idea of using evo's address book came up on this list some month 
(years?) ago.
It was decied to not use it because of the (at this time) development of 
gnomecal and the format of evo's book.
It was still in an early development phase and the format chaged one or 
two times.
Because of this and the incompatibility of the berkley-db formats the idea 
was dropped.

One thing was left uncommented:
Using libcamel to access the books and mailboxes (and benefit of the 


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